Update 3: The balancening

Howdy! It's been a minute hasn't it?

I wanted to update the game to spice the gameplay up. Some players thought the game was a bit too easy before, so Goose has had some things to say about that.

Things could also be a bit one dimensional being able to bet all of your money. I've done my best to make items / strategies more viable than they were before, details below if you're interested.

Also, the Zever Games Discord is back! The old one was in an unfortunate volcanic incident.


  • Betting odds have been added. After the first couple of rounds, odds can change every two turns.
  • Item prices have been reduced.
  • Max wager amount has been limited to 50%
  • Most passives have been changed to scale with coins rather than fixed amounts
  • Ransom amounts have changed.
  • Rare card, tiger item values lowered.
  • Ransom rounds are now visible in the top right part of the screen.


windows export.zip 17 MB
Feb 24, 2023
Wager.zip 40 MB
Feb 24, 2023
linux export.zip 20 MB
Feb 24, 2023

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